Baltic iGeo Regulations


Baltic iGeo participants are four national teams consisting of 4–8 pupils aged 14 to 19. 

The number of pupils is selected by each country.

The members of the team shall be determined by each country.

One participant may participate in Baltic iGeo without any limitation of participating times.

All participants perform the same tasks. 

Olympiad process 

The olympiad Task Force is composed of team leaders and host country teaching staff.

The assessment of olympiad performances will be done by a jury of volunteers selected by the organizers.

The program of olympiad is developed by the organizers. The task sequence and topics are of the respective olympiad Task Force competence.

The dates of the olympiad are set by the organizers, with the olympiad taking place between 4–5 days between 24.06. and 1.07.

Olympiad is an individual competition.

The Olympiad consists of 3 task blocks – Written Response Test (40% of the olympiad value), Fieldwork Exercise (40%) and Multimedia Test (20%).

The results of the olympiad are undeniable.


At the olympiad, up to ½ of the participants are awarded according to the result.

1–4 pupils receive gold medals, 5 to 8 – silver and 6 to 12 – bronze awards, in proportion to the number of participants and the difference in results.

Medals and prizes are provided by the organizers of the relevant olympiad.